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   Client List

*City of Palm Springs - Demuth Community Center Egress & HVAC improvements

*Banning USD - Install LED signs

*Riverside Transit Agency - Bus Stop Improvements (3 separate projects)

*Covina Valley Unified School District - Softball Scoreboard

*City of Cerritos - Heritage Park Demo

*City of Rialto - Announcers Booth

*Beaumont Parks & Recreation - ADA upgrades at Noble Creek Park

*Riverside Veterans Cemetary - Remove 6000 gallon tank and replace with 250 gallon tank


*Omnitrans - Generator Enclosure


*City of Rialto - Safe Routes to School

*Desert Sands Unified School District - Amistad HS Block wall


*Desert Sands Unified School District - Scoreboards Installation


*Desert Sands Unified School District  - Tenant Improvement

*Caltrans - Coso Junction Rest Area - Install Sewage lift station and leach field

*City of Bannig - Generator Enclosure

*SBCCD - Crafton Hills College - Tenant Improvement

*SBCCD - San Bernardino Valley College - KVCR Parking Lot Improvement

*Caltrans Hwy 395 - water systems


*Caltrans Devore - Install erosion barrier


*Caltrans Los Angeles -Shuttle Bus contract


*Caltrans Corona -Install Drainage Pipe


*Caltrans Orange County -Install maintenance access gates: replace concrete,

 construct storage bins, replace guardrail with concrete barrier


*Calif. Department of Corrections State Prison -Remove/replace indoor concrete and plumbing


*Cal State U. Dominguez Hills -Concrete and sprinkler work


*City of Highland -Removal and replace concrete curbs/gutters, sidewalks,

driveways, driveway approaches


*City of Fullerton -Build storm drain


*Baldwin Corporation -Install utility lines and new concrete


*Marconi Engineering -Site Grading


*Metropolitan State Hospital, Norwalk -Replace salt storage pit


*City of Chino, Parks and Recreation -Remove/replace concrete and install V-ditch


*Barstow Housing Authority -Remove and replace concrete


*Adelanto Housing Authority -Remove septic tanks and fill void


*San Bernardino County Housing Authority, Loma Linda -Rehab vacant housing; interior/exterior,

flooring, walls, painting, HVAC/HEATING system, roof and driveway


*San Bernardino County Housing Authority, Yucaipa -Rehab vacant housing; interior/exterior,

flooring, walls, drywall, painting


*United States Marines, Barstow and Niland - build target wall and concrete block building


*Dept of Forestry -remove & replace 200LF of sewerline


*Trinity Baptist Children's Center - Santa Monica -remodel kitchen; monthly maintenance,

remodel 2 classrooms to infant rooms, remodel library with custom shelving


*Yermo Shell - building a gas station from the ground up



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